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Work With Me

Work With Me

Let’s call bullshit on a couple of things right now.

#1 – If you just stay positive, you’ll manifest your dreams.

#2 – If bad things happen, it’s YOUR fault because you attracted it somehow by not being positive enough.

That’s NOT how I work.

This isn’t another one of those things that promises “transformation” and yet still leaves you feeling like you’re back where you started or that you could’ve done it yourself anyway.

This isn’t about me healing or fixing you.

It’s about YOU discovering what’s inside of YOU.

You CAN have a life and business on YOUR terms.

You CAN build a community that nourishes you.

You CAN wake up each day feeling inspired.

That’s where I come in.

I’ll show you the missing skills, tools, and knowledge so that you can lead with JOY on purpose instead of auto-piloting from fear, self-doubt, scarcity, or false obligation.

(By the way, choosing to lead with joy also helps you stay grounded and get back to happy faster when things aren’t going so well because — as you’ve probably already discovered — there’s another BS myth that claims it’s possible to be positive all the time.)

All you need to do is hop on a 45-minute clarity call with me (it’s FREE!) and I’ll help you get super clear on your deepest desires, what’s stopping you from achieving them, and how you can begin to finally move forward toward creating a life you love.

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Once you’ve done that and you’re ready to work together, I’ll create a personalized plan of action to help you meet your goals and dreams — because you are  good enough and you’re totally  deserving.


What can you expect from coaching with me?

As your partner in your transformational journey, I will:

  • Guide you to release mental and energetic blockages and disarm limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck where you are.
  • Point out patterns and tendencies you may not be fully conscious of that are draining your energy and creating undesirable outcomes.
  • Introduce you to tools and practices that will help you move forward toward your dreams and goals with increasing momentum.
  • Keep you accountable without judging or berating you (like you’re probably doing to yourself) for failing to follow through.
  • Encourage and celebrate with you as you reach new breakthroughs on your road to feeling happier and more purpose-driven than ever.

My customized, client-centered approach integrates the professional and scientific with the holistic and spiritual. I draw from my training as a coach, my professional background in human interaction, and my explorations of positive psychology and clinically proven Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) — incorporating Toltec teachings, shamanic healing, and other tools, philosophies, and bodies of wisdom that have been nourishing for me and many with whom I’ve worked.

I also bear in mind YOUR specific needs, beliefs, and comfort zone, which means you’ll never be forced to do something that doesn’t resonate with you.



Before working with Jill, I was very unsure of where my professional life was taking me. I had many goals and ambitions, but was feeling held back by professional relationships, uncertainty, and lack of self-esteem. I had allowed other people to define who I could become.

Jill offered a nonjudgmental comforting ear, and sound advice. She incorporated nontraditional techniques that really opened up my perspective on how I view myself, my strengths, and my natural abilities and gifts. She somehow was able to reconnect me with my best self. The self that would not allow anyone to hold her back from her ambitions or goals, and I have been on the fast track to reaching my goals ever since.

After working with Jill, somehow my path became clearer and opportunities seemed like they just appeared. Maybe it’s that Jill had taught me to allow myself to take those opportunities. Maybe it’s that some major healing had occurred and I had finally invited those opportunities into my reality.

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Jill, and I would highly recommend her services to anyone feeling stuck or anxious about their future. Jill’s warmth and sincerity are such a welcoming presence, and I believe she truly has the natural ability to intuitively guide you on a path to self growth. Every woman deserves that chance.

— Elizabeth


  • 1-hour coaching calls are scheduled every other week to keep you moving forward consistently while still giving you time to process your takeaways and explore your action steps without becoming more overwhelmed.
  • Meeting by phone or Skype allows you to receive coaching from the comfort of your home. You can even wear your pajamas!
  • You can choose from several package options to best accommodate your needs, availability, and budget.
  • Each package includes support by e-mail between sessions, so you’re never “alone” if you get stuck and need a hand.

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