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On Letting Go to Grow

On Letting Go to Grow | A poem by Jill Ennis

The thing is,
when you shrink yourself
to make someone else happy,
that happiness is doomed
to be short-lived.

There will come a point where either
that person will expect you
to keep shrinking and shrinking
until there’s nothing left
and you dissolve away,
or your soul will grow so weary
of folding itself inward
that it will start to poke holes
through the flimsy edges of egos
until they implode.

They’ll say, “You are too much,”
not knowing how long and how often
you’ve silently countered, “I am not enough.”

But then, one day you’ll realize
that you are both—

100% too much,
100% not enough—

and there will be nothing left to argue about.

So they’ll leave because they’re right
and you’ll let them go because they’re not right
and lean back into the arms of those
who know the truth that you are
*perfectly imperfect*
(without needing to do the math).

Those are the ones
you’ll care to call your friends.

Those are the ones
with whom you’re destined to blossom.


jillennis.comJill Ennis, M.S., is a teacher and transformational coach on a mission to support smart, talented women who are tired of feeling blasé about their lives to harness their inner brilliance and move joyfully toward their goals.

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