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Giving Back

I believe wholeheartedly that all beings are connected. While I aim to do what I can to make a difference in my circles of community, there are organizations who have the reach and the resources to do a lot more.

That’s why, each month, I pledge to donate a minimum of 7% of my earnings to one such organization. Paying it forward into the greater good is my way of giving thanks for the financial support I’m blessed to receive by doing this work I love so much.

I’ve chosen to focus on organizations based in Syracuse, where I call home, and surrounding regions of Upstate New York. I am intimately familiar with their missions and successes because I’ve either personally benefitted from them or know women who have.

My list of rotating recipients includes:

The National Women’s Hall of Fame
–In gratitude for ensuring that the contributions and stories of female leaders, innovators, and change-makers will continue to inspire women and girls across generations.

Vera House
–In gratitude for their efforts to prevent domestic and sexual violence and to provide a safe haven and support for local women in crisis.

Ophelia’s Place
–In gratitude for supporting and nurturing women who are struggling with eating disorders, disordered eating, and bodily dissatisfaction to embrace a healthy relationship with food and themselves.

Lyme Action Network
–In gratitude for advancing empirical information and understanding about Lyme and other tick-borne diseases.