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Complimentary Clarity Call

Hello, soulful seeker! If you’re resonating with what you’ve read so far and are curious about what comes next, I can tell you’re a fellow deep, inquisitive human being with so much to offer the world. I’d be thrilled to be your guide.

Before we begin our journey together, let’s make sure you have the right “equipment.”

  • You genuinely desire more joy and freedom in your life, work, and/or business.
  • You’re a motivated, self-starting female with a college education and/or extensive professional training. Although you’ve been able to move mountains and make great waves for other  people and organizations, you’re frustrated that you can seem to work the same magic with your own projects.
  • You believe in something  greater than yourself — whether you call that God, Goddess, the Universe, Spirit, Source Energy, Mother Earth and Father Sky, the Great Mystery, the Wonder of Nature, the Sacred Elements, or any other name. My coaching style will NOT require that you adopt my specific spiritual beliefs, but it will be helpful for you to lean on some sort of faith practice.
  • You’re connected to your intuition or you’re open to building a deeper relationship with your intuition and inner wisdom.
  • You’re comfortable with (or at least open-minded toward) independent personal inquiry activities such as journaling and meditating.
  • You’re committed to remaining aligned with authenticity and integrity as you grow, understanding (and maybe even appreciating) that truly stable foundations take a little longer to build but position you for sustainable, long-term results.

If you meet the criteria outlined above, I invite you to initiate a complimentary Clarity Call — the next step in entering a coaching relationship with me.

We’ll spend 45 minutes getting to know each other and helping you get crystal clear on what you want, what’s stopping you from having it, and what you’ll need to do to overcome that based on your specific strengths and challenges.

You’ll leave this call with valuable insights and recommendations, regardless of whether we opt to continuing working together from there.

Please note that not all Clarity Call requests will be accepted, so make sure you fill this form out fully.

With love,

Complimentary Clarity Call Request Form

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